Youth In Verse Sunday Picture


On Sunday it was sunny
A long, long time ago
And looking back its funny
That it took so long to know
That love can hide so cleverly
Behind the least disguise,
And pride can tread so heavily
On feelings as they rise.

On Sunday it was heaven
A long, long time ago,
But time has not forgiven
The love I didn’t show.
Perhaps it was my ignorance,
Or the fears that haunted youth
That would not let me take the chance
Of seeing what was truth.

On Sunday I was loved at last
A long, long time ago,
But, I guess, the die had long been cast
To say it wasn’t so.
Could I admit so many years
Through which I’d never known
A love so warm it brought me tears
That I could never show?

On Sunday I’ll remember
A long, long time ago,
Her love, a burning ember,
That within me ever glows
And perhaps I’ll cry a tear or two
Because I let her go,
And never said I needed her,
A long, long time ago.