Youth In Verse The Morning Star Picture

The Morning Star

The light of the Morning Star
Shines in my heart.
He rose to bring a ray of hope
And still He bears the mark
Of the birth of the universe,
The death of the Son.
No one understood
That there could be only one.

They watched as the Evening Star
Died in the east.
They did not see He was the same,
That He rose for peace.
And so the days, they came and went
And still they never knew
It is the earth that turns, not Him
Each day – He shines a-new.

Sometimes the grey of evening storms
Clouds the Heavenly light
But even then He shines above
Though hidden from our sight.
So don’t despair when darkness falls,
For then He shines the most.
He shows the way for gloomy lives
That seek Him coast to coast.