Youth In Verse One Way Lovers Picture

One Way Lovers

I knew a girl,
A friend of friends was she
But the love I felt towards her
Was never meant to be.
I was lonely,
Oh, so lonely
Until she came to me.

From then on I was happy
As I’d never been before.
She put my emptiness behind me
And I loved her more and more
But I was dreaming,
Only dreaming,
Till someone slammed the door.

We were one way lovers.
She had no love for me
And only a love of hers
Could ever set me free.

One day I got a letter
And it didn’t say we’re through
But as long as it’s here in my hand
I know my fears are true.
So I’m sad now.
Oh so sad now
But there’s nothing more to do.

One way lovers
No matter how I tried.
So I gotta look for others
To help me heal inside.

Well, I’m really sorry
That we didn’t get along
But I know I’ll be alright now
For her friendship’s made me strong.
So I’m hoping,
I’m just hoping,
That the road won’t be too long.

One way lovers
But there’ll be another day
‘Cause she’s thrown back the covers
And she’s shown me the way.