Youth In Verse This God Of Yours Picture

This God Of Yours

He owns the cattle upon the hills,
The wealth in every mine.
At least that’s what I heard you say
Somewhere along the line.
But now what’s this I hear?
You say the money’s gone.
Well, who is this God of yours
That makes you so forlorn?

Jesus said we should love him
And love each other too.
Well, that’s what my Bible says.
What does it say to you?
But it’s so hard to love
When I do as you do.
Well, who is this God of yours
That won’t let love show through?

Who are you kidding?
Not me!
Who are you following?
Not God!
Who are you trusting?
Could it be yourself?

Well, this Jesus I’m talking about,
He’s a God of power.
He don’t suffer no shortages
Now, or any hour.
So when I see you’re not happy,
And you’re not thrilled like me
I say, who is this God of yours?
Who could he be?