Youth In Verse Fool's Gold Picture

Fool's Gold

I’m a ten grand diamond in a cast iron case,
But that little bit of blackjack puts me out of the race.
Against glass chip bugle boys I don’t rank a place.
The way that they treat me, you’d just think I was paste!

Fool’s gold.
Looks good on the outside but rotten within.
They think they’ve got a bargain but it’s really nothing.

No one even bothers just to throw me a line.
Even for a treasure trove they ain’t got the time.
Unless it’s cut and polished and everything’s fine –
To do a little prospecting – you’d think it’s a crime.

Fool’s gold.
They want all that’s available but they don’t want to pay.
Don’t they understand that life doesn’t work that way.

You can sell them tinfoil if you tell them it’s gold.
I reckon they’ll believe whatever they’re told.
For a glittery one night stand they’ll sell you their soul.
This world’s so off the planet that it just leaves me cold.

Fool’s gold.
They want to climb the mountain without raising a sweat.
But if you put in nothing, then that’s all that you get!

If you say it’s tasty they’ll eat out of your hand
Even if it’s poison and their souls will be damned.
Can’t they see what’s happening? Can’t they understand?
Take a look around you. This ain’t how it was planned.