Youth In Verse Childhood Lost Picture

Childhood Lost

In times gone past we used to play
In our small world nearly every day.
All we had was our blocks of land
With their houses and trees and banks of sand.

But never once was our world too small
To give us empires with castles tall,
Or some vast jungle to fight a war.
Whatever we could do there was always more.

We built a dam and flew through space.
We lived in a palace or an Arctic base.
We dug our tunnels deep underground
And hid from our enemies and were never found.

But my friend has a job now and rides a motorbike
And somehow, together, there is nothing we like.
So more and more often we both stay inside
And watch our magic wash out like the tide.

Now all I do is my homework for school
Or I spend all my time playing tapes on a spool.
While our world is no longer just his yard and mine,
Somehow I am sure it is no longer as fine.

A finger will never again be a gun
And our life now has ceased to be joyous and fun.
No longer is happiness just being together
But something we buy and hold by a tether.

Our magical world of the past is now dead.
Somehow we have no more words to be said.
We have both grown up and both grown apart
No longer can one move the other’s heart.

Our yards are but gardens and nothing more,
No longer the scene of our imaginary war.
So all of our time now we both spend inside
And wonder why it was that our little world died.