Youth In Verse Candle Light Picture

Candle Light

If you light your candle tonight
You will see things in a warmer light.
It’s the bitter light of the day
That shows the world has lost its way.
If you try to see things as they are
Then you’ll find we’ve all come too far.

In the light of the candle’s soft glow
You will see, then you will know.
But in the light of the dawn
The children of the night are born.
And you find that the light of the day
Is too bright for you to find your way.

We were born in the purest of light.
We could look on His face.
But we let the flame grow so cold
We took the night in His place.
We searched for light not for grace.

If you stand in the glare of the day
Your skin will burn and colours will fade.
We were made for a gentler light
To develop a forgiving sight.
If you see with the harshness of the law
Then there’s only pain left in store.