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Youth In Verse

Youth In Verse is the brainchild of Dane Ikin with the support of Great Dane Graphics. It is a chronicle of a typical teenager’s reactions to life during the teen years. With hindsight it is now interesting to look back on these diatribes and consider the other outlets that have developed for such emotions over the years.

As a teenager, sports were sometimes on the agenda. I played squash even when I was at university. But literary pursuits were always of interest. There were the usual aspirations to be part of a rock band, which led to a few performances and a couple of awards, but nothing that passed the test of time. A number of the pieces on this site were conceived as material for songs (hence the structure of the lyrics) but a lot were written when the idea of a band was just a dream and some were never even imagined as songs.

I find it interesting that the most scarring of disappointments tended to empower the writing of verse, whereas the more positive experiences found other means of expression. And, of course, as the years went by, life became more stable and my adventures were found exploring unknown national parks and capturing photographic trophies, rather than writing poems. Art became a larger part of my self-expression as well. I found a good drawing could capture emotions in a similar way to a poem, and a career as a designer helped provide a constant creative outlet.

The title for the web site, “Youth In Verse”, is a ┬ábit of a play on words that only works in the web address form where it reads as “youth inverse” which is certainly more applicable to me these days as the years roll by.

I don’t write much poetry these days, so what’s here is all you’re likely to get. I hope you enjoy it!
(Please let us know if you do.)

Dane Ikin